Music publishing
made for the
creator in you

You own it, we work it, and you get paid fast.

UREEQA Music is a global music publishing administrator with a real difference: We put songwriters first.

We help protect and manage songwriters with a unique package of services that includes securing creative rights and systematically collecting performance and mechanical royalties from ALL digital platforms worldwide.


Royalties collected from all over the world

Our state-of-the-art platform leverages global technology that efficiently collects, processes, and accounts for billions of micro-transactions from streams, downloads and performances from all over the globe.

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • YouTube
  • Amazon Music
  • Tidal
  • Pandora

More opportunities to monetize

UREEQA Music offers unique ways to turn your passion into higher professional gain.

  • Sync licensing

    We use our extensive music and digital experience to pursue SYNC opportunities with TV shows, movies, and commercials. We guide songwriters on how to get the most from what new digital innovation has to offer.

  • Track all versions of your songs

    The dashboard on the UREEQA Music platform tracks how all of the different versions of your songs are performing, from your original recording to covers of your work, across all of your favorite music platforms. And you can also see analytics on global performance of all your songs.

  • Fast Payment

    With direct deposit, you receive fast, secure, quarterly royalty payments.

  • More accurate royalty collection

    Global reach lets you see, and get paid for, more accurate royalty data collection from around the world.

  • Secure

    Operating with the highest standard of data separation security, UREEQA Music manages the integrity and confidentiality of its clients’ sensitive data, creating a safe and independent environment for each songwriter.

  • All your data in one place

    See the performance of your catalog through the processing of billions of daily micro-transactions worldwide, all collected in one place.

  • Accounting made easy

    All your tax documents in one location. Available online, at your finger tips. We generate statements from data collected and maintain a complete history of all statements.

  • Powerful trend analytics

    See graphical analytics for your catalog to know which song is performing the best and where, as well as which song is generating the most financial gain.